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Things to do in Bathurst

Bathurst is a quaint town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. When you enter the town, it still has large resemblances to how things looked in the early 1900s. The town was founded in 1820 and named after Lord Bathurst. Bathurst is about 15 kilometres away from the closest town of Port Alfred. There is huge influence from the 1820s in Bathurst, with a lot of that history being preserved in the buildings around the town. And if you are ever in the area and looking for some activities, here are the things to do in Bathurst. 

bathurst town

The Big Pineapple 

One of the main reasons to visit Bathurst is to view and take lots of those iconic pictures standing in front of the Big Pineapple. The Big Pineapple is definitely a tourist attraction and for good reason. It’s an impressive figure, standing at just under 17 metres high. 

You don’t pay any costs to simply stand outside and take pictures in front of the Big Pineapple. However, once you enter the Big Pineapple, you have to pay an entrance fee. The entrance or ground level of the Big Pineapple features a gift/curio shop. The Big Pineapple has three levels, in order to access the first and second levels, you have to pay the entrance fee which is very reasonable. The upper levels have displays with information and are sort of like a museum. The highest level lets you out onto the rooftop where you can take in stunning views of the surroundings. 

The Big Pineapple contact details: 


Summerhill Farm, R67, Bathurst, 6166

Telephone number:  

046 625 0515


Monday – Friday: 08:00 am to 16:00 pm

Saturday: 09:00 am to 15:00 pm

Sunday: 09:00 am to 14:00 pm


R25.00 per person to enter the Big Pineapple


There is ample parking at the venue.

Bathurst Agricultural Museum

Another must-see on your visit to Bathurst is to check out the Bathurst Agricultural Museum. Generally, I don’t visit museums, unless it’s a real must-see, simply because I don’t much enjoy it. 

However, we took a chance and visited the Bathurst Agricultural Museum and were definitely pleasantly surprised. We ended up spending a lot more time than we anticipated. 

Bathurst Agricultural Museum has “antiques” which fill it up to the brim. There are hundreds and hundreds of machinery and equipment which originate from the early 1900s. The entire experience was very interesting. Some of the items which were of particular interest included seeing a wagon used by the 1820 settlers, a fridge, and old photography equipment. This list does not even scratch the surface of all the items. 

In addition, there is also a blacksmith room, a room filled with tractors, and an engine room. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gives you information about everything. She was also ready to answer any questions. 

A visit to the museum is a definite must-see and is an experience whereby you will get a glimpse into how people lived back in the 1820s and 1900s. In addition, after you visit the Bathurst Agricultural Museum, you will understand how appliances and equipment were used to perform day-to-day functions.

There is also a pub/restaurant at the museum which you can check out. And it is also filled with lots of special items not ordinarily available or on display.

Bathurst Agricultural Museum contact details: 


723 Trappes St, Bathurst, 6166



R30.00 per person


There is ample parking at the venue.

Bathurst Town 

When you take a walk through the central town of Bathurst and be transported back to the 1820s and 1900s. The buildings have the same charm and some have even been kept in the same condition as it was originally built. 

There are various restaurants where you can stop and have something to eat or maybe just have a drink and take in the scenery. 

There is the Penny Whistle antique shop which has an offering of antiques for you to browse. 

In addition, there is the Pig and Whistle Inn which is used as accommodation and is set in the original building so guests can experience the originality of the building and be transported back in time. 

The Toposcope

Another site you should visit is the Bathurst Toposcope. The Toposcope is a historical site and commemorates the arrival of the 1820 settlers to the area. This Toposcope is located on a scenic hill and is a monument.

The area where the Toposcope is located is also surrounded by plaques of the former Xhosa chiefs that could be found there. Their names as well as the tribes to which they belong to can be read on the plaques. 

These plaques create compasses that point toward the direction of each of these families’ homes. This site is filled with history and helps you get a picture of who exactly lived in the area. 

Once you’ve seen and read all about the history, you can take in the spectacular views of the area. 

Bathurst Toposcope contact details: 


Nico Malan Avenue, Bathurst


Free to visit


There is ample parking at the venue.

I would highly suggest that when you are in the area, you give Bathurst a visit. It’s got an old town charm and some interesting finds. And you will certainly find something for you to do. 

Have I covered everything there is to do in Bathurst? If you have any more suggestions, let me know in the comments below. 

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