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For the last couple of weeks my husband has been suggesting that we go to watch a live comedy show. Being that it was a Friday night, we decided that the Cape Town Comedy Club at the V & A Waterfront was the ideal spot. The ticket prices are R 120.00 per person. This is quite reasonable taking into consideration the amount of entertainment you receive. The show begins at 08:30 pm and ends at 10:30 pm. You can purchase tickets either online at Computicket or at the Cape Town Comedy Club venue.

The Venue and Food

The venue serves food and drinks with the waiters moving up and down throughout the show. We arrived early to enable us to have dinner before the show began. Doors open at 06:00 pm for this reason. We ordered a chicken pizza which contained peppadews, feta cheese and basil. The pizza crust was soft but crispy with a generous helping of chicken. The saltiness from the feta contrasted with the sweet, spiciness of the peppadews providing a well-balanced and appetizing meal. The pizza was simple yet scrumptious and we finished it within minutes.

Our waitress advised us that it is considered a favourite at the venue by most of the patrons. I can truly believe this after having tasted it myself. They offer a variety of options for all palettes with a sensibly priced menu. Their menu is sensibly priced and offers a variety of options for all palettes. Their range of items includes starters, finger foods, pizza and grilled meats.

The Lineup:


The MC for the evening was Mel Jones and she did a magnificent job resulting in throngs of laughter throughout the evening. She was interactive with the audience and kept everyone on their toes. As you were unaware as to whom would be in the spotlight next.

My husband and I sat fairly close to the front of the stage. As a result, we could be seen by Mel from the stage. Well that is if she cast an extended look in our direction. During the beginning of the show, my husband was attempting to put his chair in place to enable him to have the best view. However, being as close as we were, low and behold he was easily noticed by Mel. Guess who the spotlight was on. She began to bombard him with questions. He handled his moment of fame exceptionally well and let’s just say it was the highlight of my evening. I thoroughly enjoyed her skills and learnt a lot about the local culture, slangs and colloquialisms. She was exceedingly witty and handled her time on stage with such charisma and prowess.

The set for the night comprised of four comedians Liam Bento, Kurt Schoonraad, Khanyiso Kenqa and the headline act was Carl Weber.

Act 1 – Liam Bento

Liam Bento’s set was okay however it was not the crowd captivating humour that I like. It was on the rather dry side. I know it sounds harsh and perhaps it was an off night for him. Some of his jokes were funny but overall it was a mediocre performance. Nothing stood out worth mentioning.

Act 2 – Khanyiso Kenqa

Khanyiso Kenqa’s performance was, how do I put this politely, dismal. His set was weak but most notably was the deliverance of his jokes, which lacked. As the audience could not understand what was being conveyed. As a result of the lack of enthusiasm shown by the audience, his set was shortened. That being said, we were advised that he was fairly new and given that, perhaps he needs a little more practice to sharpen his skills. We all have to start somewhere right?

Act 3 – Kurt Schoonraad

Kurt Schoonraad is actually the owner of The Cape Town Comedy Club and is a funny guy. His set was catchy with lots of references to his own life. The couple seated at the front, literally next to the stage, were from Germany on holiday in Cape Town. Kurt advised that his wife is in fact German and then shared some stories of his family engaging with the German couple over familiarities.

The Headliner – Carl Webber

The headliner for the show was Carl Webber whom advised us that he recently had a Comedy Central show. He should be proud of this accomplishment as he definitely deserves it. His content was humorous and relatable. A funny person is a person who can laugh at themselves, right? Or so it’s been said and this is particularly true with him as he spoke of himself and his experiences. Even though his performance went over time, no one wanted him to stop. Which goes to show how it was enjoyed by everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed his set.

Humour and comedy are definitely subjective, so for me of the four comedians, my favourites were undeniably Kurt Schoonraad and Carl Weber. The jokes delivered by both of them kept the audience captivated. It also appealed to people of different cultural backgrounds ensuring that the humour was well received.

At the end of the night, I had painful jaws, from all the laughing. Which proves my level of enjoyment of the show. After the show, you are able to meet the comedians, take pictures and largely interact on an individual basis which makes this a more tangible experience.


So if you are looking for a fun night out with your friends and family, I would definitely recommend that you visit The Cape Town Comedy Club. The line-up for the shows differs daily with an array of comedians performing. You can have a look at their website http://www.capetowncomedy.com for the daily line-up.

Give it a go and let me know whether you guys enjoy it as much as I did, in the comments below.

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Cape Town Comedy Club Contact Details:

Tel: 021 418 8880 / 079 495 3989

[email protected]


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