Delheim Wine Estate

Here I review my recent visit to Delheim Wine Estate. My husband and I moved to Cape Town almost two months ago from Johannesburg. As a result, we are new to the city and asked many of the locals what we should explore first.  Unsurprisingly was the unanimous response, “Thirusha, you absolutely must visit a wine estate and have a bash at wine tasting”. Well, my husband and I are not ones to shy away from trying something new. Therefore, we decided to visit the acclaimed Stellenbosch wine route. We endeavoured to indulge in this revered attraction for both locals and tourists alike. We drove to the Stellenbosch Wine Route which was a mere forty minutes away from the Cape Town City Centre. There are beautiful captivating scenery enticing one to want to stop at all the local treasures along the journey.

I conducted some research into different wine tasting and I discovered the Delheim Wine Estate. At Delheim Wine Estate, they offer wine and cupcake tasting (yes, I know, I was sold instantly by that). Each person pays a reasonable R85.00 for the wine tasting. Each tasting includes the sampling of five different wines and four unique cupcakes.

The Estate

Along the road towards the passageway to Delheim Wine Estate you pass through other wine estates. Should you choose, you can stop at any of the other wine estates.  Delheim Wine Estate is located at the bottom of a Mountain. Once you arrive at Delheim Wine Estate, you are surrounded by fields upon fields of vines.

Upon entering Delheim Wine Estate, there is a fascinating office at the entrance which is closed off.  The only view of it is through a window. It contains all the items of an office of one of the founders of the estate. As the items are placed in the exact position as if he were seated there, it was quite marvellous. The office even includes his hat which is placed on the table. The estate further boasts a gift shop, a restaurant and also offers the services of a riverside picnic.

The Cellardoor

The wine and cupcake tasting takes place at their Cellardoor. It is a charming, antique looking downstairs cellar wherein you are greeted by friendly staff, eager to assist visitors.  The cellar door has a vintage feel to it. We were seated at a very private table alongside walls filled with old bottles and antique books. These pieces put context to the evolution of the wine industry, particularly of the Delheim Wine Estate. It reveals how a simple thing such as the shape of a bottle transformed over time.

First Wine and Cupcake

Now let me break it down for you, first of all, there was a Pinotage Rosé. This wine contained a lovely balance between delicate fruit and acidity. An exotic pomegranate and vanilla cupcake topped with a grenadine-flavoured cream-cheese icing was paired with this wine.

Second Wine and Cupcake

Another wine was the Chenin Blanc Wild Ferment. This wine was rich and contained layers with hints of lemon and honey on the finish. A rooibos vanilla cupcake which was infused with lemon and topped with a cream-cheese honey icing accompanied this wine.

Third Wine and Cupcake

Also the third wine we had was a Pinotage which contained cherry flavours. A pumpkin vanilla cupcake infused with star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and topped with diced pickled pumpkins accompanied this wine. It sounds delicious right, I know, and boy oh boy was it amazing.

Fourth Wine and Cupcake

Furthermore we had a Gewürztraminer which contained zesty citrus notes. A makataan and vanilla cupcake topped with a cream-cheese and makataan syrup icing was paired with this wine.

Fifth Wine

Finally we had the fifth wine which was a Spatzendreck Natural Sweet. Our waitress explained that this wine could be enjoyed with the makataan vanilla cupcake. The Spatzendreck was not accompanied by its own cupcake.

The Tasting

We had a spectacular time, being that it was our very first time there, it was a thoroughly unique experience. You start the tasting from left to right, beginning with the Pinotage Rosè and ending with the Spatzendreck Natural Sweet. Hence you begin the tasting with very subtle flavours gradually increasing in their intensity during the process. The waitress provides you with a jug of water at your table. As a result, the water enables you to enjoy the tasting experience without the side effects of the wines. I enjoy a glass of wine with sweeter flavours and was therefore instantly drawn to the Spatzendreck Natural Sweet. The Spatzendreck is a dessert wine which I devoured and consequently ended up purchasing a bottle to bring home.

Above all the cupcakes were absolutely divine and paired beautifully with the selection of wines. I mean there were little cake treats and delicious wines, what else do you need? Who would have expected cupcakes and wine to go so well together? Also, I found that the flavours of the cupcakes were distinctive and complimented each wine it was paired with exquisitely.

The most noteworthy and one of my favourite cupcakes was the pumpkin and vanilla cupcake. The soft, moist cake contained subtle hints of spice. I loved how the pumpkin flavour could be tasted through the vanilla cupcake. Cream-cheese icing and smidgeons of diced pickled pumpkins topped the cupcake. These toppings certainly helped to enhance the pumpkin flavour without being too strong.


Our waitress provided us with great service as she was tremendously knowledgeable.  Therefore, ensuring that we received the best treatment throughout the tasting experience. She explained each wine before pouring them into our glasses. Hence our waitress provided us with the knowledge and service which added to the enjoyment of our overall experience.


Almost certainly pairings to wine are the different cheeses and cured meats. The usual pairings to wine are similarly available at the Delheim Wine Estate, should you choose. So if you are looking for a unique wine tasting experience I would recommend that you try Delheim Wine Estate. Please ensure that you book a table if you are choosing to partake in the wine and cupcake tasting.  Bookings are essential as the place does tend to get quite busy. Give it a try and let me know how your experience was in the comments below. I cannot wait to hear what you guys think.

Therefore, should you choose to partake in the wine and cupcake tasting, please ensure you make a booking.

Delheim Wine Estate Contact Details:

Tel: +27 (0) 21 888 4600
Fax: +27 (0) 21 8884601
[email protected]

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