Living in Cape Town and being away from home (Durban), I always crave authentic Indian food. And by authentic, I mean a real Durban curry which is unlike the curries you will find around the world. I had heard quite a few great reviews of Chef Seelan’s restaurant, Sundoo. And decided it was time to check it out, in an attempt to satisfy this craving.

Sundoo is located in Sea Point placing it in an idyllic location which is effortlessly accessible and fairly close to the ocean. The décor is elegant, modern and crisp with slight Indian influences displayed on the walls. The restaurant exhibits a welcoming and refreshing ambience making one feel relaxed. The menu is described as South Indian Street Food and Tapas. With the items on the menu living up to those aspirations.

The Drinks

The first point of call on any culinary journey is to indulge in refreshments. And Sundoo has a large array of drinks including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. These range from beers and cocktails to soft drinks. I ordered the Skikanji Vodka and was advised that this was a spicy drink. Whilst my husband had the Sunday Indian Pale Ale.  The cocktail was indeed spicy and contained green chilies with the chilly seeds. This resulted in you swallowing a mouthful of liquid and chilly seeds. Despite the drink containing such spiciness it complimented my meal perfectly. The beer was described as being a balanced and gently spiced pale ale. Which was also rather refreshing and flattering towards the meal.


We chose the Crispy Fried South Indian Spiced Prawn Chili Bites as a starter. Which consisted of three chilli bites topped with chopped onion, tomato and fresh coriander. The chili bites were impressive little scrumptious balls of flavour and were light and fluffy in consistency. We had definitely started off our meal on the right note.


For mains, I ordered a mini trio of bunnies filled with lamb curry. On a side note, if there is ever a lamb bunny on a menu regardless of the size, that is definitely what I will be choosing. So, this just made sense. The trio of bunnies as well as the roti’s are also available in chicken, fish, prawn and mixed vegetable. Let’s first stare at how adorable they appear. I know you can’t or rather shouldn’t describe food as adorable, but they are sensations. Also, don’t be alarmed by the fact that they are little, they pack in quite a punch and unbelievably filling.  The lamb bunnies were spectacular, I couldn’t get enough of it. The lamb was cooked perfectly, and it contained those melt-in-your mouth potatoes. Let’s be serious about how important potatoes are to me, they are life.

Whilst my husband ordered a mini trio of roti filled with fish curry. I tasted one of the mini fish roti’s and it was heavenly. My husband compared the fish curry to that of my Aaya’s (the word for granny in Tamil). Which is really a compliment because as you would very well know, no one’s cooking can ever come as close to the cooking of your elderly family members. They really are the best at preparing legendary Indian food.  We also ordered a side of homemade mixed vegetable pickle. And it tasted like nothing I had encountered in my life, and I mean this in the best possible way.


What better way to end of an already overwhelmingly delightful meal than to have dessert. And not just any dessert but the usual suspect, soji. For those who do not know soji is an Indian dessert. Which is almost certainly served at an Indian wedding after a main course of breyani. This soji was accurately sweet, topped with coloured almonds and accompanied by vanilla ice-cream. The creaminess of the ice-cream flattered the soft texture of the soji. And I was reluctant to share even a bite with my husband (I mean if something is that good, why share. All that sharing is caring went out the window here).


Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable meal, it was delicious and definitely value for money. We spent approximately R500-00 for a three-course meal for two people who were completely satisfied and stuffed to capacity. I would definitely recommend you give them a try and see what all the hype is about.

On a side note, Sundoo can also be found on some of the food delivery applications, Uber Eats, Order-In and Mr Delivery. So if you are nearby the restaurant and don’t want to leave your house for a meal then just order from any of the apps and the food will be delivered to you. Subsequent to our visit, we did just that and were once again not disappointed. I even ordered a quarter lamb bunny rather than the usual trio of bunnies and they happily obliged. Please note that you will have to call them to arrange this and they will advise you accordingly if this is possible.

As always, please let me know if you have tried them out and what you thought of the meal. Did it live up to all my excitement?

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Sundoo Contact Details:

Tel: 021 433 0542

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://seelan.co.za/sundoo/

Address: Shop 6, La Rhone, 77 Regent Road, Sea Point

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  1. Had lunch here today … lovely treat .. chicken and veg bunny chows were delicious and fresh. .. pleasant atmosphere .. definitely a must try !! Well done Seelan☺

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