Something’s Cooking by J’Something

This was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had thus far in my life. As an avid music lover who enjoys pretty much all genres of music (yes, I really am that person). I always keep myself updated with the latest releases from both local and international artists. I would have to thank social media which has transformed our lives and made this so simple to accomplish.

One of my all-time favourite South African bands has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, Micasa. For many years I have been following them. I have also had the privilege of watching them perform live on occasion and it was an absolute treat. In particular I have been following J’Something, the band’s lead singer. And in particular his transition from musician to a foodie, television show host, restaurant owner, chef and now cookbook author.

The Venue

So naturally when I discovered that he was having a launch for his cookbook, Something’s Cooking by J’Something, I gathered myself, quite quickly I may add, and began making plans to be there. Exclusive Books at Cavendish Square, Cape Town was the venue for book launch. Justine Drake hosted the event. She is a chef herself and has accumulated a popular career in the food industry over the decades. So her placement for the Something’s Cooking by J’Something cookbook launch was organic.  

The room was filled with fans and foodies alike, all wanting to know about his cookbook. Once J’Something arrived, Justine Drake began giving everyone a brief introduction into the contents of the book. Thereafter she asked J’Something questions in relation to his career and his cookbook. J’Something discussed his career, music, food and inspiration behind the book and what readers could expect from his first cookbook. J’Something provided the backstory and also the context for certain recipes being included in the book.

Question and Answer Session

During the question and answer section, he also disclosed that he had a son, (yes yes, I know, please hold your jaw up before it hits the grounds because that was my exact reaction) and that the book was dedicated to him. What a special moment for a parent to accomplish an amazing feat and dedicate it to his little one. It really made me admire him more (if that is remotely possible). Audience members were also given the opportunity to ask him questions. An opportunity was given to audience members to ask him questions as well.

Once the question and answer session were completed, there was a meet and greet and book signing session. I am pretty sure; you can begin to imagine the excitement I felt. I purchased a copy of his cookbook earlier on that evening. So with cookbook in hand I headed on over to have my copy signed and meet the man behind the book. Having met J’Something, I can honestly say, that my respect and admiration for him and his career has grown. He was quite simply pleasant, friendly and ultimately a genuine person, with no facades or alter egos present. We engaged in random banter before he signed my copy of the cookbook. He was also extremely appreciative and grateful for the support, which was rather refreshing.

The Book

The cookbook, Something’s Cooking by J’Something was a delightful read. I have read the entire book cover to cover and I found it rather inspirational. I know that that may sound strange as it is a cookbook after all but hear me out. The book is divided into seven sections with each section telling the story of his life. Also how those particular recipes as well as the people have had some impact on his journey. It puts into context how he has achieved his success and how dreams do come true when you work hard.

The cookbook is essentially a sharing of recipes which represent him and with which he grew up. The cookbook touches on his Portuguese roots with recipes from his childhood and family. It also then turns to his South African times and shares recipes in relation to that. The recipes range from his mae’s (mum) prawns to a more elaborate dish called “the catch” taken from his restaurant. The complexity of each dish varies making this a cookbook for all cooks regardless of your culinary expertise. Overall, I found that the cookbook was an easy read with very practical and homely recipes.


I would suggest you go out and grab yourself a copy of Something’s Cooking by J’Something. It definitely is worth a read. Thereafter you can spoil your family and friends when you cook up one of the dishes from the book. I plan on trying some of the recipes from the cookbook and shall keep you posted on how they turn out. Please let me know in the comments below if you have read the cookbook and your thoughts on it.

Should you wish to purchase a copy, here’s the link to his website : https://www.jsomething.com/food_somethings-cooking-book/ The website also previews a few recipes from the book, to give you a sneak peak into what to expect from book.

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