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When it comes to new trends, for some reason they always reach Durban last. With most companies choosing to launch in either Cape Town or Johannesburg. Its unfortunately the sad reality for Durbanites, something I also experienced when I lived there. It is for this reason that Plan B Dessertery chose to open its first branch in Durban. When I was in Durban recently, I decided that it was time for me to give them a try. Who can say no to indulging in an Instagram worthy dessert.

I visited the Plan B Dessertery branch in Durban North accompanied by my parents (my fellow tasters) and my husband. He was just there for moral support as he does not enjoy desserts and therefore had no intention in partaking. The venue has ample seating both inside and outside. You place your order at the counter and your dessert is prepared right in front of you.

Sunbow Taco

After thoroughly studying the menu, and being enticed by all the options, I chose the Sunbow Taco. Let us be serious, who does not enjoy a Mexican taco bursting with all the goodness. This was a dessert taco which was filled with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce, astros and rainbow sprinkles. One thing I really appreciated is that after the dessert is made to order. And you also have the opportunity to watch them making your taco and filling it with your toppings. This most certainly ensures that the order you receive is fresh.


The Sunbow Taco was enchanting with contrasting flavours. There was the crunch from the taco, with the creaminess of the ice-cream as well as the pop from the astros and sprinkles. The vanilla ice-cream was amazing, it was smooth and velvety with a distinct vanilla flavour.

Plan B Dessertery serves these up at R45.00 which is quite reasonable considering the portion size and the toppings. From my dessert, I even had some leftover for a late-night snack.

Filled Churros

From the three taste testers, my mum was the most conservative and chose the filled churros. These were churros filled with either a white chocolate or milk chocolate custard. My mum decided that her churros should be filled with the milk chocolate custard. For those unaware, a churro is a fried dough pastry which is tossed in cinnamon sugar. It originated in Mexico and Spain. It can be consumed by itself with a side of chocolate sauce for dipping or better yet dunking purposes.  Alternatively, it can be filled with a chocolate custard. In other words, it’s the Mexican version of a doughnut with all the deliciousness anticipated.


The Filled Churros cost R48.00 and were once again a large portion. As a result, I was lucky enough to sample some of these myself. They were soft and chewy and coupled with the rich milk chocolate custard was simply a match made in heaven. I didn’t expect anything less from these and therefore was not disappointed. The churros were made and fried right before our eyes and therefore were piping hot when we received them. This enabled the sugar to cling to these hot churros. And who dislikes cinnamon sugar.

The Wimbledon

My dad on the other hand loves ice-cream and I am pretty sure, if given the opportunity, he would consume it every day. That being said, he chose “The Wimbledon”, it was a bubble waffle shaped in a cone filled with vanilla ice-cream, strawberries, crushed meringue, cream and chocolate sauce. I mean what did it not contain.

Yet again, the bubble waffle is made to order while you wait. The batter is poured into their bubble waffle maker and whilst it is still hot, it is placed in a paper cone to enable it to retain the cone shape as it cools. The bubble waffle originated in Hong Kong and was originally called an egg waffle.    


“The Wimbledon” was smashing as it checked all the boxes in texture and taste and cost R55.00. It contained a crunchy but soft waffle, creamy ice-cream, sweet strawberries and balanced with bits of meringue, cream and sauce. Overall it was a delicious treat and pays homage to the Hong Kong street food dessert.

On a side note, after a rather sweet treat, one is always parched. And the correct choice of beverage is always iced water which just hits the spot. So, when we saw these water bottles, we just had to purchase one, I mean how cute does it look.




Overall, we all enjoyed our desserts and I was lucky to taste all three. For price, flavour and just plain uniqueness I would definitely recommend you try Plan B Dessertery. Apart from looking good, they also carry a lot of flavour. They have subsequently also opened four other branches in KwaZulu Natal and one branch in Johannesburg. So now you really don’t have a reason not to try them out.

Have you tried them out, let me know in the comments below. As always, I would love to hear from you.

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Plan B Dessertery Contact Details:

Website: https://www.planbdessertery.com/

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