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Mount Fuji Guide

A visit to Japan’s most iconic symbol and the tallest mountain in Japan should definitely be on your agenda. Mount Fuji is located in the Fuji-Hakoane-Izu National Park. And it is about an hour and a half drive from Tokyo, making it a practical day trip. This is a complete Mount Fuji Guide on what to see and where to go when you visit Japan.

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Mount Fuji is located in Japan and is an active volcano. It is located approximately 100 kilometres southwest of the city of Tokyo. Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest peak with a height of approximately 3 776 metres high. The mountain has been a site of pilgrimage for years to locals. It is known commonly by locals as “Fuji-san”. Japan has three sacred mountains with Mount Fuji being one of them.

Tour Details

Below are the various tour options available, we chose the first one, we booked the Mount Fuji Scenic Full-Day Bus Tour through Get Your Guide. The tour cost approximately 12 700 yen per person. If chosen, the lunch option has an additional cost. And we did do not choose the lunch option

The tour has designated pick up spots. We chose to be picked up at the entrance of the Ueno train station. There are various pickup points that can be found on their website. And the bus departs from Shinjuku to travel to Hakoane. As the patrons on the tour bus are of various nationalities, the tour bus has an English speaking guide, which was very helpful. 


During the tour, you visit the ponds of Oshino Hakkai. And at Oshino, there is also a food market and other stalls if you would like to purchase something. Thereafter you are taken to the Oshino Ninja Village.

At this time, if you have purchased the lunch option you will be escorted to the restaurant for your lunch.

As there are no longer any living ninjas in Japan, you will not see any. However, you can walk around the gardens, visit a ninja lookout, take a picture with a “ninja” or throw a few shurikens (the star blades ninjas use) onto a target. 

Fifth Station, Mount Fuji

After the visit to the Oshino ninja village, you will arrive at the 5th Station, Mount Fuji. This is the highest point you can travel to Mount Fuji by vehicle. And if you want to get higher, then you will have to hike the mountain.

From 5th Station, there are various viewing points to see Mount Fuji and to take beautiful pictures. On the occasion that we went, we managed to see the mountain clearly as the bus was going up. However, once we reached the station, the mountain was covered with clouds. And we got to see only snippets of the magnificent Mount Fuji.

At 5th station, there are a few shops selling food and souvenirs. As a result of 5th Station being the highest viewing point, it is extremely busy as it is a very touristy site. 

Fuji Five Lakes

Thereafter, you are taken to Lake Kawaguchi-ko, which is one of the Fuji Five Lakes. You will have Mount Fuji as the background when you are at the lake. There are a few food stalls located at the lake.

Our tour guide recommended that we try the vanilla and blueberry ice-cream, and it was amazing. 

Fuji-Q Highlands Park

The next stop after the visit to the lake is a trip to Fuji-Q Highland Park. This is an amusement park with some of the highest and longest roller coasters. At the park, you are taken on a 4D Fuji Airways Flight simulator where you are able to experience Mount Fuji in all its glory during each season of the year. 

Patrons are driven back to the departure point once the tour is complete. As a result of the tour departing from Shinujuku, patrons will be dropped off there and not their original pick up points.

Using a tour to visit Mount Fuji was an effortless experience. All activities and logistics were planned for us which ensured that all we had to do was enjoy the trip. Navigating the roads in a foreign country can be challenging and this tour took that difficulty out of the equation. And I would highly recommend using the Mount Fuji Scenic Full-Day Bus Tour from Get your Guide.

What did you think of this guide to Mount Fuji? Do you have tips to add, please let me know in the comments below?

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