Dinokeng Game Reserve Guide

Dinokeng Game Reserve is situated in Hammanskraal in Northern Gauteng. It is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes away from Sandton, Johannesburg. Dinokeng Game Reserve offers an array of wildlife for both self-drives and guided tours through the reserve. Here is a complete guide on how to get there, how much it costs and what to expect on your trip to Dinokeng.



The Dinokeng Reserve was opened in September 2011 constituting approximately 210 square kilometres. And it is the only wildlife sanctuary in the province of Gauteng that offers the Big 5 animals roaming freely and allows visitors to explore the reserve.


Dinokeng means “a place of rivers” and was derived from the Tswana and Pedi languages spoken by the people who lived in the area. Dinokeng is located in the area where the Olifants and Limpopo rivers flow.

How to get there

Driving to Dinokeng Game Reserve is fairly straightforward and involves travelling on the N1 highway for approximately 87 kilometres (depending on your departure point). Thereafter taking Exit 183, Boekenhoutkloof/ Hammanskraal from the N1 and followed by a right turn onto the R734.

This route has two tolls which are the Pumulani Tollgate and the Hammanskraal Toll Ramp. The Pumulani Tollgate cost R12.50* one way and the Hammanskraal Toll Ramp cost R27.00* one way.

Ndlovu Gate Dinokeng

There are two entry gates to the reserve and these are the Ndlovu gate and the Tau gate.

Here is a map of the route from Sandton, Johannesburg to the Dinokeng Reserve.


Dinokeng Game Reserve Prices

Entrance fees to Dinokeng are priced as follows:

Conservation fees:

R80.00* per adult;

R50.00* per child (2 – 12 years old)

There is also a once-off vehicle entrance fee of R50.00* per vehicle.

Self-Drive Route Permits:

1 day permit – R250.00* (this price includes the R50 vehicle entrance fee)

Therefore the entrance fees at Dinokeng Game Reserve for two adults on a self-drive will cost you approximately R410.00*

A full list of all applicable prices can be found on their website here.

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Activities at Dinokeng Game Reserve

Self-Drive Route:

Dinokeng Nature Reserve offers a self-drive route which is an ideal option for people who want to explore the reserve on their own. There is approximately 140 km of track to drive along with most being suitable for sedan vehicles. At the reserve, there are also marked tracks that are specifically for 4×4 vehicles. Please only use these tracks if you are in a 4×4 vehicle as the tracks are not suitable for any other vehicle.

The reserve does have the big 5 animals so be on the lookout for the rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo.


A detailed map to the reserve with information of the wildlife and places to stop is available and can be purchased at the entrance.

This is an example of the Dinokeng Game Reserve map.

The self-drive route is open between 06:00 am to 18:00 pm and the speed limit on the roads in the reserve are 20km/h.

Pro Tip: Carry cameras and binoculars for better spotting of wildlife and be patient, you tend to spot these beautiful creatures when you least expect it.

Picnic Spots

There are three picnic spots located at the reserve and along the route. These are the Bayethe picnic site, Dula Nokeng picnic site and the Veldjierondom picnic site. You can pack a basket with all your favourite food and drink and enjoy a lovely picnic at one of these sites. Each site offers different amenities and sights depending on their location.

Bird Hide Dinokeng Game Reserve
Marsu Lombert Bird Hide

In addition to these spots, there is also the Marsu Lombert Bird Hide which is located in the eastern part of the game reserve. This hide attracts a variety of birds and mammals and is a quiet and relaxing place.


There are various eating options available at Dinokeng. Many of the Dinokeng lodges and resorts have their own restaurants and there is also the Arlington Brewery and Cidery in the reserve.

Dinokeng Coffee and Curio Shop

In addition, just across the street from the reserve there is a quaint complex, Dinokeng Coffee and Curio with a restaurant, butchery and a shop. They offer takeaways as well as sit down meals.

Pro Tip: Try the chicken strips and chips from Dinokeng Coffee and Curio, simple yet delicious and grab it as a takeaway to enjoy in your vehicle whilst attempting to spot more wildlife.

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Guided Game Drives & Bush Walks

Dinokeng Game Reserve also offers guided game drives and bush walks. These involve game drives on safari vehicle organised by the reserve itself. And tickets for this have to be purchased from the reserve. They also offer bush walks which entail guided walking tours to enable visitors to get much closer to the wildlife.


Hot Air Ballooning

Another activity on offer is hot air ballooning which is an extraordinary experience and way to view the wildlife at the reserve. Advance bookings need to be made with Big Sky Ballooning.


There is lots of things to do and various species of animals to see at the Dinokeng Game Reserve. Pack a picnic and take the entire family for a lovely day out. It’s a fun filled activity for everyone to enjoy.

Dinokeng Contact Details:

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*Please note that all prices and contact information are correct at the time of publication. Please check the websites of the venue as prices may change without notice.*

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