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There has been considerable hype recently all throughout my Facebook feed about Vapor Cafe. It is a restaurant in Durban which was said to have some of the best tasting prawns one could experience. When my husband and I recently went to Durban for a visit, we decided to take my family out to try this and see if this place was worth all the hype.

Vapor Cafe is situated in the Morningside/Windermere area. There is ample seating offered as there are five different seating areas available to the public. Upon our arrival the main area was exceptionally busy, and we were offered seating in their basement area, which we gladly obliged. During the entirety of our meal, we had the entire basement area to ourselves which we quite enjoyed.

They offer a rather extensive menu with items ranging from sandwiches, burgers and curries to grilled chicken, lamb chops and seafood dishes. The variety on offer ensures that there is something for everyone. As there were five of us at our table, we chose quite a diverse selection of items.



My sister, the youngest, ordered a chicken fillet burger, which was topped with cheese and sauce accompanied with fries. Taking into consideration the fact that it cost R45.00, it was definitely worth the buck. As the portion size being more than ample for a main meal. I was informed by my little sister that it was very enjoyable, and she cleaned out her plate.

Next up was my mum, she had the “Lucky Luciano”. This consisted of two chargrilled chicken fillets accompanied by a portion of chips, roti and their chili sauce. It was also well received, and mum quite enjoyed the tender juicy chicken. The portion size yet again for the R75.00 that it cost was well worth it. It was a rather filling meal and mum did end up taking the extra home.


My dad chose “The Chop” which comprised of eight baby lamb chops, a portion of chips, roti and a green salad together with their chili sauce. This meal cost R130-00 and it was more than ample. The lamb chops were cooked perfectly and full of flavour. The extras of this meal were also taken away as it was more than enough for one person to consume.


Part of the reason we wanted to try out Vapor Café was because of all the reviews. People stated that the prawns were prepared to perfection. My husband loves prawns, so if its on the menu, he is going to order it. Regardless of how it is incorporated into the meal, be it pasta, grilled, sandwiches, you name it, he will pick it. So naturally he chose the “Scarface” which consisted of 6 prawns and was served with chips, 2 slices of garlic barguette and a green salad which cost R160.00.

I am lucky in that hubby and I always share our food to enable us to taste everything. These prawns were on point, they were delicious, bursting with flavour and topped with a ridiculously amazing sauce. Which you could dip the garlic baguettes slices into. Once again, the portion size of this meal was also well worth the money. However, since it was prawns and a true favourite, it was devoured with no prawn standing.


And then there was one, me, I chose the “Bugsy’s Tales”. It comprised of three crayfish tails accompanied by a Greek salad and 3 slices of garlic baguette which cost R190.00. This was the priciest meal of all chosen. However, considering that it contained crayfish which is an expensive commodity, it made sense. My main was marvelous, the crayfish tails were cooked perfectly with the meat soft and the crisp shell locking in all the delicious goodness. The sauce which was used to prepare as well as to top off the crayfish was worth licking your fingers. The baguette was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with the precise amount of garlic flavour.


After experiencing these fantastic meals, and considering all the hype that surrounded this place, I agree with and understand why there is so many positive things being said about Vapor Café and I would definitely recommend you trying them out. The food is impeccable, the service was amazing, and the meals are well worth their price. They have ample seating space. And above all you will surely find something which appeals to your taste from their massive menu. If you are only able to try one item on the menu, I would suggest trying the prawns. They definitely live up to their reputation and produce quality meals.

Have any of you in Durban been to Vapor Café? How did you enjoy the food? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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Contact Details:

Tel no:  0318373363

Address: 541A Lilian Ngoyi Road

Morningside (Durban), KwaZulu-Natal

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