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Venturing to the ocean can easily result in a person becoming famished. This is exactly what happened to my husband and I on our recent visit to Muizenberg and St James Beach. Upon the realization that we required sustenance, we immediately endeavored to satisfy these hunger pangs. We searched around the vicinity to discover a new place to eat.  I am aware that Tiger’s Milk is not a new establishment. And that it has been in existence for almost 4 years situated at nine different locations. However, I have not had the privilege of trying their food and decided that it was about time that I gave it a shot.


Their menu consists of starters, mains and desserts. Their mains include Mexican dishes, salads, burgers (their specialty, in my opinion) as well as pizzas. They also boast a rather unique list of cocktails with fascinating names. First up, hubby and I chose our drinks, I ordered the Spiced Pina Colada which was said to provide a taste of the Indian beaches. Hubby on the other hand, chose the Apple Viper with the only description of this drink indicating it sounded dangerous. Both drinks were amazing, the Pina colada was thirst-quenching, I personally did not taste any spiciness regardless I enjoyed it. The Apple Viper was refreshing with the apple flavour and was topped with fresh green apple slices, delicious.


Fish Tacos

For mains, I ordered the crispy fish tacos which consisted of flour tortillas, beer battered hake, refried beans, avocado and sour cream. The tortillas were soft and delectable whilst the fish was fried to perfection. It was encompassed with a thin layer of batter around the delicate fish, leaving the fish soft and crumbly. The beans, avocado, sour cream, red onion and coriander provided the other textures and tastes to provide a balanced meal which was full of flavour. It really felt like you were partaking in an authentic Mexican meal. I mean who does not love avocados and sour cream. They just elevate any meal and they once again did not disappoint here.

The meal is served on a wooden board providing a rustic feel which is also predominant in the décor of the restaurant. Albeit there were just two tortillas which looked small in size, they packed a punch and were incredibly filling. That being said, I did devour all of it including the last coriander stem. A sure sign of whether a meal is enjoyed is how much of the meal is left behind on the plate, or in this case board. And since there was none left over, I can happily confirm that I unquestionably enjoyed this.

Evil Twin Burger

My husband on the other hand, chose a burger, which I am led to believe is what they specialize in. He chose the Evil Twin which consisted of a beef patty, cheese and truffle infused mushroom sauce. You have a choice between beef or chicken. All burgers come standard with tomato, lettuce, cucumber and red onion. As well as your choice of a side of either fries, salad or onion rings. Hubby chose fries as the accompaniment to his burger. He also relished his meal and Tiger’s Milk proved that they are in fact burger specialists. Continuing with their rustic vibe, the side of chips was contained in an enamel cup, it really does take you back years ago. The chips were crispy on the outside and soft potato goodness on the inside.  This is exactly how chips are meant to be eaten.


Also given my cheesecake obsession, you will now be aware that if cheesecake appears on the menu, I make room for it. Pace yourself people, it is possible, I kid or not, it’s all perspective. So, from the rambling, you would have guessed that there was cheesecake on the menu. I dutifully obliged and ordered some. This was a New York baked cheesecake paired with vanilla ice-cream which is literally the best combination.

The cheesecake was lovely, however I found that it had a rather strong lemony flavour. This was quite overpowering, and I didn’t much enjoy that. In contrast, the ice-cream texture was smooth, soft and creamy. A scoop of ice-cream was placed above a biscuit crumb with a mint leaf finishing it off. A wooden board dusted with icing sugar outlining a knife and fork was used to serve the dessert. I found this provided a creative and rare touch to the presentation of cheesecake.


Tiger’s Milk provides an authentic and rustic take on their meals. The venue provides the ambience of a family or friend get-together with a laid-back feel. It really is a place to appreciate a delicious meal surrounded by family and friends. I would definitely recommend that you guys give them a try and experience their take on burgers.

Tiger’s Milk Bryanston

Subsequent to my visit to Tiger’s Milk, Muizenberg, my husband and I went to Gauteng for a couple of nights. Upon arrival, we met with some friends at the Tiger’s Milk, Bryanston. On that occasion I tried the evil twin burger with the chicken breast and a side of chips. The burger was amazing. It contained a succulent, juicy chicken breast with a delicate grilled burger bun topped with a surprising truffle infused mushroom sauce. The sauce really brought together the chicken and the bun. In addition to their on-point chips, it was a well-rounded meal which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Since I have tried Tiger’s Milk at two locations, I can confidently say that they have a constant standard. As a result, they are able to provide consistently good food. Thus far my meals have not been disappointing. Try them out at a location closest to you, I have linked their website where you can get further details.

Have you guys tried them out? Or am I just late to this party? Please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear what you guys have to say.

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