The Greek Fisherman

It was the night before my birthday and my husband wanted to take me out for a pre-birthday celebratory dinner. Despite being born in winter, I am not a fan of the cold weather so the closest place for us to go to was the V&A Waterfront. If you have visited the waterfront, you will know that the amount of eateries on offer is vast so you are never stumped for choice. On this occasion, I was in the mood for Greek food (I love Greek cuisine because a lot of their meals incorporate lamb and as you may or may not have discovered, I do like me some lamb) so we chose The Greek Fisherman



As a starter, we chose the Trio of drips, which included tzatziki, a taramasalata and hummus. Slices of toasted pita bread accompanied the drips. The tzatziki was a blend of yoghurt, cucumber and garlic and was rich and creamy. Whilst the taramasalata is a caviar-based dip, this was one of my favourite dips of the trio. It was smooth, creamy and extremely flavourful. The third dip was a traditional organic hummus made with roasted pine nuts. What is not to like of a good scoop of hummus. Scooping up chunks of dip onto the crisp toasted pita bread was the ultimate indulgence. 



I was in the mood for moussaka and being that this was a Greek restaurant, they offered two options. One option was of a meat moussaka and the other was a vegetarian option. The meat option contained beef mince and as I do not consume beef, I chose the vegetarian moussaka. The moussaka was accompanied with potato wedges and a whole tomato filled with seasoned rice. For those who do not know, moussaka is a dish containing layers of either slices of eggplant or potatoes, mince and a béchamel sauce. This particular moussaka contained layers of eggplant. It was delicious and was topped with parmesan cheese. The potato wedges were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With the tomato providing some acidity in contrast with the seasoned rice. A well executed and enjoyable dish.


My husband, on the other hand, chose the beef souvlaki which contained strips of roasted beef. This dish was also accompanied by potato wedges and a whole tomato filled with seasoned rice. I was informed that the dish was succulent and the meat was cooked perfectly. A clear indication of this was the fact that he finished all the food off his plate. 



How often do I indulge and have a three-course meal? Not too often, as most times I struggle to finish just a main meal. But on this occasion, I decided I would order dessert and chose their duo of gelato. This dish contained two rather huge scoops of gelato. One scoop was chocolate flavoured and the other was vanilla. Both the gelatos were smooth, creamy and not too sweet. These were an ideal dish to end a lovely meal. 



If you enjoy Greek cuisine and are in the Waterfront area, why not try The Greek Fisherman. I would highly recommend their dishes. The staff was polite, knowledgeable and ensured that they provided prompt service. Another thing to note is that The Greek Fisherman, in addition to other restaurants at the V and A Waterfront, often have specials throughout the year, which can be viewed on their website https://www.waterfront.co.za/ 

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The Greek Fisherman Contact Details: 

Website : http://greekfisherman.co.za/ 

Telephone: 021 418 5411  

E-mail: [email protected]      

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