After a lovely lunch at Groot Constantia , my friend and I, accompanied by my husband were on the search for a spot for dinner. We decided that since the V&A Waterfront was close by, we would venture there and pick a spot upon arrival. After a brief walkaround surveying the options, we chose Sevruga.

Sevruga is situated opposite the harbor and therefore provides stunning views. Sevruga is the ultimate encompassment of fine dining. The interior is chic and minimalistic with crisp white tablecloths and napkins. Sevruga has seating both inside their restaurant as well as the outer portion which is surrounded by glass. We chose to be seated in the outer portion, in order to enjoy the scenery and gaze into the night sky.

As mentioned, Sevruga is a rather luxurious and fine dining experience and their menu likewise reflects this. Mains on the menu include items like a Duck Parfait, Springbok Tartare to a Salmon Pavé. The options are numerous and the choice to just pick one is somewhat challenging.


Rolled Lamb Shoulder

After much deliberation, my friend and I both chose the Rolled Lamb Shoulder. The lamb was sous vide in garlic and mint butter and was accompanied by a masala mash, mint jus and pickled red cabbage. Our only difference in choice was that my friend opted to have vegetable accompany her lamb instead of the masala mash. Clearly, she is the healthier one between the two of us. But then again, I do have a weakness for potatoes. For those that are unaware, the process of sous vide is the process of vacuum sealing food. And thereafter cooking it in a temperature-controlled water bath. In addition to retaining more nutrients and minerals from the meat, the sous vide method ensures that your meat is succulent due to the generally lower cooking temperature used.

The lamb was as a result succulent and cooked beautifully falling onto my fork when I cut through it. One of the most complimentary flavours to lamb is mint, and the mint jus accomplished just that. A jus, for your knowledge, is a gravy or sauce which is made from the meat juices. So, in this instance, the mint flavour was incorporated to create this mint jus. The masala mash was delicious, and let’s be serious who ultimately does not like lamb and potatoes. The pickled red cabbage provided the contrast in textures to the lamb and mash and added further flavour.

My friend also enjoyed her rolled lamb shoulder and her mix of vegetables included different coloured peppers and zucchini. Her choice was the healthier of the two as it didn’t contain the mash. The portion size of this meal was rather large and as a result of our earlier lunch escapades, we were both unable to finish our entire meal.

Grilled Baby Calamari

In contrast, my husband, on the other hand, chose the grilled baby calamari. The calamari was fried in mint, lime and chilli and was topped with a popcorn and paprika dressing. This dish contained both tubes of baby calamari as well as the tentacles. One of the main reasons my husband chose this particular dish was the mention of chilli as he enjoys hot food. However, after a taste of the calamari, I discovered that it was not as hot as expected. That being said, the dish was nonetheless exquisite. It was flavourful and the dressing really added to the taste of the dish. This dish as well was a rather large portion size.


Sevruga is a fine dining experience, encompassing chic style and décor with revolutionary modern food techniques and flavours. After indulging in a remarkable main meal and thoroughly enjoying the experience, I would definitely recommend Sevruga to you. Just a side note, the pricing at Sevruga is on the upper scale, as we spent almost R1 000 for three main meals and drinks. But nonetheless, it is an experience that you should try out.

If you do try Sevruga, please let me know how your experience was in the comments below.

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