How to Apply for an India Visa

In order for a South African to visit India, you have to apply for and receive a valid India E-visa before your travel. The process is straightforward and simple and should be done prior to your departure. Here is a simple guide on How to Apply for an India Visa.

Types of Visas

There are various types of visas that you can apply for to gain entry into India. These include the e-tourist visa, e-business visa, e-medical visa, e-conference visa, e-medical attendant visa, and e-emergency x-misc visa. We will be focusing on the process for a tourist e-visa.

A tourist e-visa can be obtained for a period of one month, one year, or five years. The one-month visa, which is the most popular option, will allow you double entry into the country while the other two are multiple-entry visas.


Requirements for an Indian Visa

In order to apply for an Indian tourist visa, you will need to comply with the following requirements:

  • a valid South African passport
  • one passport-size photograph (an electronic version against a plain background) (jpg/jpeg format)
  • an electronic copy of the passport details page (pdf format)

The requirements to apply for the visa are fairly straightforward and do not require lots of documents like in other countries. As the entire process is conducted online, make sure to have electronic copies of your documents readily available.

You should ensure that you have at least two blank pages in your passport and that your passport is at least six months away from expiring.

Application Process

Once you are on the correct site, you are just a few short minutes away from completing your application. However, when you do Google India E-Visa, many websites appear, some of which are agencies that will assist you with the process for a fee, which is completely unnecessary.

This is the correct site to use, And the interface is user-friendly and it has a frequently asked questions section that guides you on the process.

After choosing the tourist visa option and the duration, you will be required to input your personal information. Make sure you have your passport handy and copy the exact information as this will be used on the visa. You will also be asked some questions including the purpose of your visit, duration, and anticipated date of arrival. In addition, you will be prompted to upload certain documents like electronic photos and passport details.

Application screen

Eventually, you will be directed to the payment page but as the Indian e-visa is free for South Africas, it will auto-populate and your application will be submitted.

After Submission

Once submitted, you will receive an e-mail to your chosen e-mail address with a confirmation of receipt of your application as well as a reference number.

The site does advise that the turnaround time for the processing of the application is 72 hours. However, we received an electronic copy of our e-visa in less than 24 hours. Since they do, however, provide a guide timeline on processing, make sure your application is submitted timeously for processing. Visa applications are to be submitted online a minimum of four days in advance. And such applications can be made a maximum of thirty days in advance from the date of the proposed travel.

And once successful, your Indian e-visa will be sent to you as a pdf document in A4 size to your chosen e-mail address.

  • Make sure to print a copy of your Indian e-visa to carry with you on your trip as you will be asked for it by the airlines, immigration, and even hotels.
  • Cost of India Visa

    There is no cost to apply for an India e-visa so you do not need to pay someone to assist you in applying for one. The non-payment requirement will be auto-applied on their website once you have chosen that you are South African. The visas are issued free of charge.

  • Also, ensure that you have a printed copy of your vaccination certificate as you are asked to show this at immigration.
  • Validity of Visa

    Depending on the type of tourist visa you have chosen, the visa will be valid for one month, one year, or five years from the date of grant of your estimated time of arrival. The tourist visa for one month will be a double entry visa, which will be endorsed on your passport. However, the one-year and five years will be multiple entry visas.

    India Visa Contact Details:


    E-mail: [email protected]

    Telephone number: +91-11-24300666

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Do you need a visa to go to India?

    • Yes, you require an e-visa to visit India

    How much is the India visa for South Africans?

    • A visa to India is issued free of charge for South Africans.

    How long does the India visa application process take?

    • The processing of the submitted application takes approximately 72 hours

    If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.

    * Please note that all prices and contact information are correct at time of publication. Please check the venues websites as prices may change without notice. *

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